About Us

Customised Logistical Solutions

National or international - if the success of your business relies on the fast, reliable and secure delivery of urgent or important items - Artiques should be your customised service provider.

What Makes Us Different?

Our clients, around the country, trust us everyday with their important items. Customers who, like yourself, appreciate a responsive and innovative service from a partner they can trust, that is where we fall in.

Utilising a vast network with strategic relationships, locally and worldwide, Artiques can offer you sublime services and a greater distribution network.

Our Mission

- Simplify the lives of our customers

- Compliment your success by being on time

- Demonstrate respect when achieving results

- Strive for service excellence through innovation

With Artiques, You Can Be Assured Of...


A proven network reaching all destinations nationally and internationally.


Offering an extensive delivery network within national/international businesses and consumer markets.


Taking the stress of parcel tracking without you having to do it yourself and keeping you up to date with the progress.

Why Choose Artiques

Customer service is our priority, from order to delivery, including all the documentation, we will keep contact with our clients and partners.

The quality of our service is judged by the attention we pay to the smallest detail, beginning with our accessibility. We have an obligation to ensure the works must be in perfect condition on arrival, however, we also have a role to play as advisors for the transportation of works of art as in other businesses, this means offering all our clients the highest standard of quality at the best possible value, whether the client is a gallery owner, private collector or auctioneer.

Our services are flexible, we can offer a service that is relevant to the type of demand, whether it be servicing a gallery or private owner, our staff are driven by two corporate values, customer service and cost effectiveness.

Artiques is committed to bring logistical order to your chaos cubdued with passion.